Spain Bar Garcia is only 2min walk from Jimbo-cho station, 5min from Ochanomizu Station.
Stylish interior with soft lighting enhances its elegance.
Enjoy the quiet bar ambience with delicious Spanish tapas and wine.

Drink Menu

Special selection of 50 wines from small winemakers whose efforts are sincere.
Unlike mass produced wines, the layers of grape aroma and smells of soils can be perceived in a wine.

Wine by the glass ¥490~
Wine carafe ¥1900~
Bottle wine ¥2800~

House wine



Purplish pink red, the flavor of ripe fruits and a touch of herbs.


Grape…Sauvignon Blanc

Elegantly sweet aroma, the flavor is complex but luscious.

Rare! Spanish Keg Draft Beer.

There are only a few in Tokyo.

Estrella Galicia Especial ¥850

A crispy and refreshing lager type.
Alcohol content 5.5%

Ambar Export ¥950

Rich flavor, Amber color ale.
Alcohol content 7%

other drink

Enjoy the wide variety of drinks.

◆Cava (popular Spanish sparkling wine) ¥630~
Jerez, the Spanish Sherry.  ¥630~
◆Sherry Tonic in Copper Mug. ¥630~

◆Mojito( Various kinds of mojito.) ¥780
◆Homemade Sangria(red, white, fresh lychee, seasonal& sangria buck) ¥620~
◆Highball & Whisky & Sprits (Grappa (Orujo), the Macallan, Smirnoff, Havana club, Hennessey, etc.) ¥540~

◆Cocktails(Clara, Champagne yogurt, Gin Tonic, Cassis Earl Grey, etc)¥620~
◆Seasonal Fruit Cocktail ¥740
◆Non-Alcoholic Drinks ¥380~
(Orange juice, Ice Jasmine tea. Sangria, Beer, Wine, Cocktail, and Mojito are all available in non-alcoholic version.)

◆Recommended! Special Japanese Sake
Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai Genshu (Alcohol 17.5%)』¥740

We keep many different types of wine from Spain and other regions.

Wine Tasting Set

For reservation and questions, contact us from here
We accept online reservation request up until 4pm of the day.
We accept online reservation request up until 4pm of the day.Click here for online reservation. For a group of 10 or more, please call us.

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