Spain Bar Garcia is only 2min walk from Jimbo-cho station, 5min from Ochanomizu Station.
Stylish interior with soft lighting enhances its elegance.
Enjoy the quiet bar ambience with delicious Spanish tapas and wine.

Food Menu

Wide variety of tapas; ajillo with fresh ingredients, paella cooked with seafood broth are some of our specialties.

The most popular menu.

Lamb Chop 1pc ¥480

It will change how you think about lamb.
Most high-quality lamb chop. It's soft, is juicy and is the gem into which deliciousness of the meat which has no bad smells was condensed.


Shrimp Salt Frito ¥780

Enjoy the whole shrimp (yes, shells, tails, and the heads), crispy outside and juicy inside.

Vegetable Ajillo

Vegetable Ajillo ¥680

Lots of vegetables. Dip your bread into garlic oil.

Plateful of Jamon Serrano ¥880

A plate full of Jamon Serrano

Heavenly Grilled Shrimp ¥880

High Grade Shrimp from New Caledonia

Assorted Tapas ¥1,280

Anchovy potato, mackerel escabeche, salmon tartar, quiche style omelet, olives, baguette. If you want a little bit of everything.

A must try, Paella

Seafood Paella ¥1,890

Cooked with our house-made Omar shrimp stock. Oven baked in high temperature making the broth soaked into the rice.

Mushroom paella, squid ink paella, seasonal paella are also available.

other food


What is tapas?・・・Although there are many theories about the origins, tapas were cheese and olives placed on small plates that were used to cover the glasses of sherry and eventually became as important as the sherry.

Olive & Pickles ¥490
Chicken Chilindrón (tomatoes and peppers sauce) ¥580
Spanish Omelet ¥880
Big Spanish Chorizo ¥880
Steamed vegetables with salsa romesco ¥980

Lamb Tapas

Our special! Grilled Lamb Chop ¥480/1pc
Lamb Tomato Stew ¥880


What is ajillo? ・・・Ajillo means garlic sauce. Cooked in garlic olive oil, it is one of the most popular tapas in Spain.

Shrimp Ajillo ¥780
Scallop Ajillo ¥750
Mushroom Ajillo ¥780


Grilled with our special griller.

Grilled Scallop in the Shell with escargot butter ¥380
Grilled Pacific Cod with lemon and vinegar sauce ¥880
Teppan Grilled Beef Outside Skirt ¥880


Mediterranean Style Salad ¥820
Wild garden rocket, Manchego Cheese Cesar Salad  ¥780


Crema Catalana - Spanish Creamy Pudding¥480
Earl Grey Flavored Brulee ¥680
2 Kinds of Gelato ¥580

Try our other delicious foods at Spain Bar Gracia!

For reservation and questions, contact us from here
We accept online reservation request up until 4pm of the day.
We accept online reservation request up until 4pm of the day.Click here for online reservation. For a group of 10 or more, please call us.

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